About us

Chamusquina was born in Barcelona in the early 90s. My friend Sarah Baumgartner and I invented the first models in a workshop in the Gracia neighborhood. Our little experience in electrical matters caused some cables to "scorch" us, and from there came the name of our brand.

From the beginning the designs were very minimalist. Our purpose was to achieve light quality by making the lamp disappear as an object. The iron structures were very fine and the screens very simple.

Later we removed the structure and we were left with the simple screen that hung from a steel cable. We achieve the vertical displacement of the lamp with the help of a counterweight. This is how the BAUM model arose.

Around the year 2000, Sarah returned to France and I moved to Ampurdán.

Seeking to reduce the volume of the screens to facilitate transport and packaging, I created the ECOBAUM model. The plastic that gives rigidity to the screen disappears. Some linen "sacks" cover the structure that now hangs from a cloth ribbon.

Starting in 2019 with my friend Ana Casas, a dancer and a good seamstress, we encouraged ourselves to sew bags and aprons with fabric scraps from the workshop. Products that we will soon bring to light.

Today singe is made up of two enthusiastic, dynamic and creative friends who are committed to responsible consumption, the positive impact on society and the environment.

In our small workshop we make the products by hand with natural materials such as linen and cotton. The designs are exclusive and in each of them we look for simplicity and quality of light.

Chamusquina currently presents in its new collection lamps made with glued white fabrics, the MUFFIN lamp, the BAUM lamp and the DUENDE lamp.

Latest creation, compilation of ideas and practicality, the BAG lamp.

Catalina Alos

The result is this web page.


Chamusquina is a small local business with personally designed and handmade products.